Our Process

Helping You Find the Relief You Need

At Gold Naturals, we’re able to control the entire process from farm to sale—something that is not common in the hemp industry. Most companies are not involved in the growing, extracting, refining, formulating, and manufacturing of their own product. This means they’re unable to guarantee compliance, sourcing, and quality. We work with our farmers through every step to ensure that compliance and quality is exact. We continue this from the harvest through the final formulation. The final hemp product that we get from this growing, extraction, and refinement process is what we call the “gold cut”, a golden colored honey-like distillate that has the full spectrum of cannabinoids. We have perfected this process, something you will notice immediately in the tase, quality, and efficacy of our products.

1. Farming

Most hemp brands don’t even know where their products are grown. We take pride in knowing where our products come from and we know all of our farmers by name.

2. Extraction

Even though CO2 extraction is more difficult and expensive, the incredible results make our method essential.

3. Refinement

Our equipment and process creates a cannabinoid profile so pure you can smell, taste and feel it. You can trust your senses.

3. Testing

Purity matters! Each step of the process is third-party tested to ensure the highest level of quality and safety for our products. That means your product will always be tested at least six times before you use it.

5. Formulations

Our products have been meticulously formulated by PhD professionals who’ve been industry leaders for decades.