About Gold Naturals

We Make Hemp-based CBD That Works.

Like many other people, we’ve tried a lot of hemp extracts and haven’t felt much. And it was only after spending thousands of hours and building a hemp processing facility that the problem became clear. There are three main issues with hemp products on the market today: quality, formulation, and dosing. That’s why we created Gold Naturals. We knew we could provide the relief that people were looking for and that they weren’t getting from other brands.

The biggest problem we’ve seen historically in CBD products is the quality of the hemp the start with. Recently, however, we’e seen another problem which is that most companies are trying a “one-size-fits-all” approach, assuming the same formula will work for different people. This means that even if a CBD brand has quality-sourced hemp, many people still may not feel the relief they need. So why is it that hemp works for some people and not for others even if it’s quality-sourced hemp? The answer is, the dose that they’re taking.

As scientists, formulators, and entrepreneurs we approached it differently. We didn’t just accept that some did feel relief and others didn’t. We hypothesized and then found that everybody is able to feel the effects, it’s just a matter of quality, the right cannabinoids, and the right amount. And that is who we are at Gold Naturals, we are passionate about using the cannabinoids from the hemp plant to help you find your relief.


Our Mission

At Gold Naturals we believe in plants before pills. When meditation, soothing music, deep breathing, and exercise don’t give you the relief you’re looking for, we’re here for you. Our mission is to create plant-based products that help you feel your best and provide targeted relief. We use different hemp compounds to create special formulas the address sleep issues, stress, occasional anxiety, as well as aches and pains. Our products are made for our neighbors, our families, and our friends. And that includes you! We believe in our products, and we know when you find your relief, you will too!


Our Story

Shortly after the 2018 Farm Bill passed, we built a state-of-the-art hemp processing facility. We began creating premium, cannabinoid-rich concentrates for CBD brands across the country. We were proud of how pure, clean, and potent our extracts were, but to our surprise, many buyers would only ever ask one question, “What’s the price?” They never asked about safety, quality, traceability, compliance, or efficacy; and they rarely asked for a product sample or a tour of our facility. It’s almost as if they didn’t care where their hemp-derived cannabinoids were coming from, just as long as they were cheap.

At this same time, we were trying many of the leading CBD brands’ products, and not feeling much. We couldn’t believe that these products could be so inconsistent and ineffective. That’s when we had our “Aha! moment” and realized why we didn’t feel anything. Many brands were only focused on finding cheap cannabinoids and weren’t worried about making quality products. They were just a brand and a logo and quality was an afterthought at best. We were shocked, but we finally understood one of the main reasons why people weren’t getting any benefits from these hemp products.

We knew there was a demand in the market for cannabinoids that actually worked, so we doubled down on formulation and started to create specific blends for family and friends. The feedback we got was overwhelming; they loved it! Not only did they feel it work, but they also loved the natural flavors that we created. Many of them had tried CBD oils in the past and never felt anything, which made them think it was either a hoax or it just didn’t work for them. But our specialized formulas helped them sleep better, feel calmer, and have fewer aches and pains.

We knew there would be many who valued our commitment to providing a superior product, so we started Gold Naturals to bring our premium cannabinoids straights to you.

We stand behind our work and we believe you will too!