If you’re ready for an amazing night’s sleep you’ve found it with our Sleep formula which contains a unique blend of powerful full-spectrum cannabinoids that support restful sleep. It’s no accident that our products make you slumber like never before, every single product has been formulated by a doctor to ensure it’s safe and very effective.

  • Wake up feeling refreshed

  • Crave fewer energy drinks and coffee

  • Have energy all day

  • Look forward to restful sleep

  • Sleep Softgel Capsules

    Our targeted compounds of CBD, CBN, and minor cannabinoids work in sync to calm the brain and body so you get the high-quality slumber you need.

  • Sleep CBD Oil

    With our Sleep full-spectrum hemp formula you can go to bed quicker and sleep deeper.

  • Sleep Gummies

    Our CBD gummies are convenient, delicious, and the dose is easily adjustable to your needs!

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The hemp plant has over 100 natural compounds, called cannabinoids. These compounds are what is responsible for the relief that millions have experienced from taking hemp-derived products, like CBD oil. When the different compounds found in hemp are put together, the combined effect is better than if they were working separately. This is known as the Entourage Effect and it’s what helps make Gold Naturals so powerful.

These compounds might look like alphabet soup but when you put them together, they spell RELIEF.

Even though there are over 100 different cannabinoids, current technology only allows us to test for 16. But early research and feedback on these 16 cannabinoids shows some of the most exciting and promising plant-based benefits that we’ve discovered in recent years.