Where Our CBD Comes From: The Gold Naturals Difference

Where Our CBD Comes From: The Gold Naturals Difference

Creating the purest, highest-quality CBD products is a delicate process, one that requires precise attention to detail before the very first hemp seed is sown. Not all CBD is created equal, and it’s imperative to seek out CBD products that are made with the highest purity standards in mind from seed to sale.

At Gold Naturals, we do things a bit different. It’s our mission to create the highest-quality full spectrum cannabinoid products you can find. This is why we’ve chosen to control the entire production process, from the farm all the way to the sale of each product we provide.

The Gold Naturals Difference

Part of our mission at Gold Naturals is to remain transparent in our practices. Steadfast in our commitment to providing the highest quality hemp extract you can find, we are dedicated to remaining transparent about where our CBD comes from.

  • Superior, Sustainable Hemp Farming

High-quality CBD begins with high-quality hemp. We’ve chosen to work with some of the most experienced hemp farmers in the industry, and work with our farmers through every step of the cultivation process. From the planting of the very first seed in nutrient-rich soil, to sustainable cultivation methods where plants are grown naturally without the use of harmful chemicals, through maturation and harvest, we ensure that compliance and quality are maintained throughout the entire life cycle of the plant.

  • State-Of-The-Art Processing

In order to produce high-quality CBD oil, it must be carefully extracted from harvested hemp plants. The method preferred by most professionals in the industry, which is what we proudly employ at Gold Naturals, is supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, or supercritical CO2.

CO2 extraction (considered safe and commonly used in the food industry) uses carbon dioxide, which at room temperature is a gas. CO2 extraction involves filtering this gas through several pressure and temperature controlled chambers. Under high pressure and varying temperatures, CO2 becomes a liquid yet still maintains the qualities of a gas, essentially acting as both a liquid and a gas at the same time. In this state, CBD and other beneficial compounds are flushed out of the raw plant matter, resulting in a gorgeous golden amber liquid oil.

Through further proprietary refinement processing, all undesirable compounds that might still be present in the oil are removed, including waxes, lipids, fats and chlorophyll. The result is a clean, safe hemp extract that adheres to the highest quality standards.

We’ve perfected this process, which is something you’ll notice in the quality, taste and effectiveness of our products. This golden hued, honey-like extract contains all the beneficial compounds that lend to a high-quality full spectrum CBD oil.

  • Professional Manufacturing Processing

Once CBD is extracted it must go through manufacturing to create our line of quality full spectrum oils. We’ve employed the some of the most practiced manufacturing processors in the industry, who are responsible for the creation of each of our specialty formulas. Each and every one of our products are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that adheres to current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP).

  • Third Party Lab Testing

Every drop of hemp extract we produce is sent to an independent third party lab for thorough testing. Without FDA regulation on CBD products, third party lab testing is the only way to determine whether you’re truly getting a safe, pure, quality CBD product. Third party labs test for contaminants such as mold, pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents. They also receive complete cannabinoid testing to ensure the potency of each product is what is listed on the label. Third party lab test results for all of our products are easily accessible on our website.

At Gold Naturals, we’ve experienced just how much of an impact high-quality CBD oil can have on our overall wellbeing. We’ve also consumed subpar CBD products that haven’t met our expectations of what be believe quality hemp extracts should be. This is exactly why we’ve teamed up with some of the most experienced professionals in the industry, allowing us to uphold our commitment to offering the purest, highest-quality full spectrum CBD products you can find.

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