Getting Started With CBD: How To Select The Right Product For Your Needs

Getting Started With CBD: How To Select The Right Product For Your Needs

The plethora of CBD products available on the market can be enough to make your head spin! Suddenly, CBD seems to be everywhere and in everything. While virtually unheard of only a decade ago, CBD has become a household name and one of the most popular natural products to ever hit the mainstream market.

If you’re new to CBD and have no idea where to start, we completely understand. You’re definitely not alone. The CBD market is huge and continues to expand exponentially. Navigating your way through different products and formulations can be intimidating to say the least.

Getting started with CBD should be exciting, not overwhelming. Yes, there’s an abundance of CBD products available everywhere. Knowing the difference between various products available, however, can help relieve some of the overwhelm so you can simply relax and enjoy the experience.

How To Select The Right CBD Product

Following are some of the most prevalent CBD products available. With a better understanding of the differences between them, you’ll be more equipped to make an educated decision on what type of CBD product might be best for you or loved ones.

  • CBD Tinctures

CBD oil tinctures are by far the most popular CBD products and the most common way people take CBD. Tinctures are a combination of CBD oil extract, a carrier oil and flavoring. Unflavored CBD tinctures are also available. CBD tinctures are made in a wide range of strengths, flavors and formulations, allowing for consumers to decide what best suits their personal needs.

CBD oil tinctures are designed to be taken orally, where they are held sublingually (under the tongue) for 1-2 minutes before being swallowed. CBD tinctures can also be added to foods or drinks. CBD tinctures are a convenient and easy addition to your everyday wellness routine.

  • CBD Capsules

CBD oil capsules are another popular CBD product, that make CBD feel as familiar as taking a regular supplement. Many people prefer CBD oil capsules as they offer a precise serving size that doesn’t require any second guessing of how much they’ve taken. CBD capsules are available in various serving sizes ranging anywhere from 10-1000mg.

  • CBD Foods and Drinks

CBD infused foods are commonly referred to as CBD edibles. The most popular CBD edibles are CBD gummies, which are indiscreet, fun way to take CBD that tends to taste great. Other CBD edibles products like gum, hard candy, chocolate, energy bars and more.

CBD-infused drinks are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry as more consumers shift their focus from soft drinks to wellness drinks that don’t contain sugar and can support overall health.

  • CBD Topicals

CBD oil topicals are creams, lotions, balms and salves infused with CBD. CBD topicals are formulated for topical use for targeted relief in supporting skin health and joint and muscle discomfort. CBD topicals are becoming increasingly popular as a natural way to support pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Aside from these popular products, CBD has also made its way into beauty products, pet products (yes, CBD is also believed to support pet health) and more. No two people will respond the same to any given hemp-derived product. Ultimately, the “best” CBD product all comes down to your personal preference and individual needs.

Our Starter Kits are a great place to start, offering convenient specialized formulas (Sleep, Stress and Muscle + Joint) in three different potencies. Simply select the formula that best meets your personal needs, and experiment with three single-use servings in three different potencies to discover the right product for you.

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